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(Stock Chart 1900 - Present)

The market advances 17 to 20 years (Secular Bull Market) - then moves sideways or declines for 17 to 20 years (Secular Bear Market) and has done this for more than 100 years.

The market is currently trading sideways the same way it did during the 1964 - 1982 time period. (see chart above)

For instance, in 1964 the Dow was at 874 - 17 years later at the end of 1981 the Dow was at 875.

That's what a Secular Bear Market does. There is no real advance, no real net gain, and any profit from an advance is taken back in the next decline.

During the 1964 - 1982 Secular Bear Market:

* Trend Investors and traders made a killing.

* Buy-and-hold investors made nothing - ZERO.

Don't be fooled, thinking you can just wait for profit someday.

*  Your money is at risk 100% of the time while invested in the market.

*  For more than 100 years, the market has been in net gain - bull market       territory only 24% of the time. 
*  Bear Markets consumed 32% of the time of your investment.

*  Getting back to break-even took another 44% of the time.

No, I am not a negative person, a Bull, or a Bear. I am realistic.

*  If you rely on a salesman for investing decisions - You will lose.
*  If you do not know Technical Market Analysis - You will lose.
*  If you think you can Buy-and-Hold - You will lose.
*  If you Buy-and-Forget - You will lose.

How can you be successful?

Your investing and trading strategies must change with the market. The Buy-and-Hold strategy worked in the 1990s. It will not work in a Secular Bear Market. You MUST know WHEN to buy - HOW to buy - and WHEN to sell and move your money to safety.

Your success comes from learning Charting and Technical Analysis.
Charting and Technical Analysis
is the only way to reasonably predict future market direction, both long term and short term.
Without it - trading and investing is nothing but a crap shoot. 

Charting and Technical Analysis
is a MUST for every investor.

You will know:

    *  When to invest (Remember, buying at the wrong time is the reason for every loss)

    *  When to move to safety (Protect your money)

    *  When the Pros are buying (Follow the SMART money)

    *  When the Pros are selling (Again, follow the SMART money)

You will learn to:

Recognize market tops and price tops in stocks - As they are forming

    *  Recognize market bottoms as they are forming

    *  Recognize When and How to buy - safely, protecting your money at ALL times.

   *  Profit in good times and Limit your Risk

Invest and Trade like a Pro.

Use 25+ years of trading knowledge and experience for your success. Know WHEN to buy, WHEN to sell, and WHEN to keep your money in your pocket.

You will NOT find a better book on the market to learn how to trade and invest wisely - how to protect your money at all times - and how to be a successful investor or trader.
~Sean Richards, investor

The next step is yours...

If I were truly a 'salesman,' this is where I would initiate the 'hard-sell,' but I'm not. Instead, I'll simply say this:

"Do yourself, your family, and your investing future a favor.
Spend less than 10 bucks for your education instead of losing 1000 times that amount making mistakes and relying on a salesman for bad advice. Charting and Technical Analysis and Trading the Trends give you detailed knowledge and experience that I have used successfully for 25 years in trading. You will learn when to buy, when to sell, and when to keep your money safe.

Do this: Either educate yourself to be a successful trader or investor, or keep your money safe in the bank. It really is that simple."
~Fred McAllen

Read 12 things your Advisor won't tell you - here.
Fire Your Advisor -

Do you remember the market crash from 2000-2003?
Do you remember the market crash from 2007-2009?
Do you really think that will never happen again?
Statistics show financial advisors sold more investments during the all-time market highs than any other time.

That's why relying on a salesman for your investing knowledge can be financial suicide. 
Many investors and most financial advisors mistakenly believe the market today is the same as it was in the 1990s. That is so wrong. This market is different, and your investing and trading strategies must change with the market.

Why This Market is Different -

From 1982 - 2000 we were in a long-term bull market, called a Secular Bull Market. We are now in a Secular Bear Market. (Long-term Bear Market)
“The next 17 years will certainly be different than the past 17.”
~Warren Buffett  - in 2000
Here's what Warren Buffett was referring to.
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